How to Properly Mount a TV

As a Handyman in Vancouver, one of the most common jobs I do for my customers is help mount a new TV. With the huge variety of different types of TVs available these days, there are lots of different ways to mount a TV to save space, and make a room look nice and, without all the clutter of cables, consoles etc.

If you are planning to buy a new TV, here are some tips for how to properly mount it:

Check for Glare

When choosing the location to mount your TV, sit in the place where you’d be watching the TV, and look at the spot where you plan to mount the TV. Is there glare bouncing off the wall? If so, ensure that you have adequate blinds or drapes that can be closed to reduce glare, otherwise your daytime TV watching experience will be less than stellar.

Measure the Space

Before you purchase your TV, ensure that you take proper measurements of both the TV and the place where you’d like to mount it. There’s nothing worse than getting a new TV home and finding that it is not going to fit in the perfect spot you’d imagined.

If your new TV doesn’t come with a wall mounting bracket, read the manual to find the correct size that will hold the weight of your TV. If you use the wrong size, it could lead to disastrous result.

Check the Walls

Ensure that there are strong studs in the wall that you plan to mount the TV on. The mounting hardware will need something strong and safe to anchor too, otherwise your TV could fall off the wall, injuring you, your members, or your pets, not to mention damaging the TV itself.

If you are planning on running the cables through the walls versus having them having down, you’ll need to ensure that you are not drilling holes into an unsafe part of the wall.

Alternately, you can purchase special cord management covers if you don’t want to drill additional holes in the wall.

Use the Proper Tools

Before you begin, gather all the tools you’ll need for the job beforehand. Have them within easy reach, otherwise you may find yourself in a bind with the TV only partially mounted while you go search for a necessary tool. This could post a huge safety risk!

Clear Your Workspace

Before you unpack all of the parts you’ll use, clear your workspace, moving any furniture or other household items out of the way before you begin. Having too much clutter around will make it difficult to work.

Unpack All Your Parts

Unpack all of the parts you’ll use to attach the mounting unit to the wall, and ay them out in the order you’ll use them.

Get to Work

Once you’ve done all of the steps above, it’s time to get to work mounting your new TV! A reward for a job well done, will be to sit down and relax and watch a good movie once your new TV is in place. And of course, if you run in any problems, give your Vancouver handyman a call!