Hanydman Toolkit For Home

As a Vancouver handyman, I always carry a wide range of tools for my handyman jobs. Of course, the average homeowner doesn’t require the amount of tools or the types of tools I carry in my arsenal for the most part, but nonetheless, the following mentioned tools are great little helpers to have around the house.

So what are the most useful tools that every homeowner should have at their disposal?

Multi Purpose Screwdriver

Screwdrivers are extremely useful to have around the house. They’re used for hanging pictures and prints on the wall, tightening a variety of items in your house that contain screws and they’re needed for a plethora of items that require assembly. Screwdrivers are pretty inexpensive these days and there are plenty out there that come in a set which contain a variety of attachments that will work on almost every screw size and type you have in your home.


Hammers are also very useful to have around any home. There are many uses for hammer other then banging a nail into the wall!

Hammers can be used for:

• Breaking ice
• Straightening items that have been bent
• A green thumb can use the claw part of the hammer in the garden to create small holes in sod for planting seeds.
• Protection

There are plenty of uses for a hammer that justify having one around the house. It’s a great tool to have and one that costs around $10!

Tape Measure

There are tons of uses of tape measures. They will be a great assistance when calculating where to place objects in your home, measuring spaces for DIY projects, calculating space for new furniture in your home, mounting your TV and more!


When hanging a picture or a print, your flat screen TV or perhaps adding some new shelving units in your home, a level is a handy way to ensure your DIY projects are as level as possible and appealing to the human eye. Keep this handy little tool in your toolbox arsenal at all times.

Allen Keys

Allen keys can be considered almost ‘critical’ to have in your home tool kit as more and more modern furniture is being built using the types of screws that require an Allen key. Also, there are plenty of uses for Allen keys on bikes, baby cribs and strollers, toilet paper holders and a lot of other household that you may not even think about!

Needle Nose Pliers

These handy little guys can be used for a ton of little and big things around the house. Removing nails from the walls or from pieces of wood, cutting wires, craft enthusiasts use needle noise pliers to make jewelry and other crafts and you can also use them to simply hold items if needed (soldering, holding a nail).

Utility Knives

Utility knives are great to have in your toolkit for a variety of reasons. If you ever order any items that come in a box, they are handy box openers. They are also great for carving pumpkins and other arts and crafts. They can also be use to cut carpets and even drywall. You never know when this great little tool will become of use!

While there are certainly more tools than mentioned above, that you can get your hands on, the above mentioned tools should get you well underway to completing a multitude of small repairs and maintenance tasks around the house!