Maximize Your Kitchen Space

How to Maximize Space in a Small Kitchen

These days, micro-houses are becoming all the rage. Many people choose to live in a smaller footprint, designing and building ‘tiny houses’, in face there are even shows on TV about it now! As well, coach house living is another popular alternative to paying exorbitant rental fees if a person chooses not to have a mortgage.

Whatever the reason, one thing those who choose to live in a micro-house have in common – space limitations. But there are lots of things you can do to maximize the space. In particular, a small kitchen can have a big potential with the right tips and tricks.

Top Ten Ways to Maximize a Small Kitchen

  1. Maximize the use of vertical space. In many small kitchens, cupboard space is at a premium. To make better use of the space above your countertops, install extra tall cupboards to provide additional storage space.
  2. Within your cupboards, use wire shelving racks to double the amount of space available to stack dishes, plates, bowls etc.
  3. Make use of open wall space. These days, you can find a wall mount for just about any kitchen item. Save cupboard space by using wall mounted racks for your pots and pans, cups and mugs, cooking utensils, kitchen knives, spice racks etc.
  4. Store rarely used items in another location. Many of us have large kitchen appliances like a bread maker, stand mixer etc. that take up a lot of space, and may not be used frequently. These items can be placed in any storage area throughout the house, to save kitchen space for more frequently used items.
  5. Get a rolling kitchen island if you have enough space. These islands are super useful because not only can you use the surface to cook and prepare meals, but there’s almost always cupboards and/or shelving below the surface that you can use to store any items you choose. As well, the island can be moved around if you need to free up some extra space once in a while.
  6. Kitchen shelving for small appliances can be very handy and free up a lot of space. Get a shelving unit that will hold your microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker or any other items you use frequently. The more shelves available, the more you can stack vertically.
  7. Buy small! Almost any type of product that you’d normally buy for kitchen cleanliness, such as liquid soap, spray cleaners etc. can be found in smaller sizes in your grocery store. It may not seem like it, but having these smaller items can actually free up a considerable amount of space on your counters and in your cupboards.
  8. Keep your color scheme light to open up the space. Everyone knows that dark colors tend to make a space feel closed in and a lot smaller, so stick to light sunny colors in your kitchen, to give it the illusion of more space.
  9. Let natural light in. Even if you only have a small window in your kitchen, keep it uncovered. As with lighter colored décor, natural light will open up the space.
  10. Organization! The final and most important think you can do to maximize your small kitchen, is to be very well organized! Store everything in clear plastic boxes or bins within your cupboards. It will keep them organized and easily identifiable for whatever you need to use them.

There you have it. A few quick tricks can make your small kitchen open up and appear much larger and brighter by your Vancouver Handyman!